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Winter, 2011

The past few weeks, I'm writing a lot of Harp Lesson material, developing my own Suzuki method. I was inspired to compose a lovely and haunting waltz after my friend, Memory, named one of her fairies after me. She's a well-respected Fairy Artist. The new tine: Arual's Dance. I have a new harp student and am enjoying teaching her with some of the "play by ear" method. I plan for us to play some together this Summer at some small local venue to give her a project to use her talent! We've been going to Contra Dancing the last couple of months. We meet once a week and dance for 2 hours. It's highly aerobic and you need to dress in light clothing! Some weeks, I play fiddle and piano instead of dance, or I can dance a couple of sets and play fiddle alternately. Other weeks my find us at the Brockway Pub music session. I've been knitting some lovely cable-knit and plaited fingerless gloves. Hopeing to get enough in my inventory for sales. I have some beautiful purple, turquise and red gloves ready to go! Also some trendy baby hats.

Authors' Fair

Just returned from the Authors' Fair in Columbus. I picked up a lot of useful tips from other authors and am revitatized to write again and attempt to finish my other manuscripts. My booth had free bookmarks, bio pages, info pages on my travel book and music books plus my original watercolor notecards for sale. I will E-publish here my trivia sheets of Common British Terms and European Travel Savvy.

Common British Terms

Match up 7 words correctly  

Word List                Fill in correct number below

1. Queue                            ___Truck        (Answer: 5)

2. Trainers                         ___Period       (Answer: 6)

3. Nappy                            ___Zucchini Squash    (Answer: 12)

4. Serviette                        ___Second Floor      (Answer: 11)

5. Lorry                             ___Breakfast         (Answer: 8)

6. Full Stop                       ___Waiting in Line       (Answer: 1)

7. Knock Up                     ___Thanks           (Answer: 10)

8. Fry-Up                          ___Sneakers/Tennis Shoes     (Answer: 2)

9. Pudding                        ___Diaper          (Answer: 3)

10. Tah                             ___Napkin         (Answer: 4)

11. First Floor                  ___Wake someone up in the morning  (Answer: 7)

12. Courgette                   ___Dessert        (Answer: 9)



Test Your British Travel Savvy (fun sheet for Authors' Fair

1. For what is Portobello Road best known?

2. What is the London Eye?

3. What is the best way to get from Harrod’s   

  Department Store to the British Museum?

4. What is a Shandy?

5. What is The Tube?

6. Where did Henry Higgins find Eliza Doolittle in the play, “My Fair Lady”?

7. What was the name of James Herriot’s terrier?

8. What’s the official Closing Time of a Pub in Northern Ireland?

9. Where is the Oldest Celtic Site in Europe – older than the Pyramids?

10. What is the Water of Life?


1. Antique markets (Chapter 15)

2. Ferris Wheel in London to commemorate the Millennium (Chapter 15)

3. London Sightseeing Bus (Chapter 15)

4. Lemon-lime soda mixed with beer (Chapter 10)

5. The London Underground Railway (Chapter 9)

6. Covent Garden (Chapter 13)

7. Bodie (Chapter 7)

8. 11:00 pm (Chapter 2)

9. Ireland: at Newgrange, burial grounds, 30 miles N of Dublin (Chapter 5)                 

10. Whiskey (Chapter 1)


Seattle Fingerless Gloves

I've been knitting this weekend, made 2 pairs of gloves for gifts. I got the pattern from Nancy Ricci's blog. This photo doesn't have a clear view of the "basket weave" pattern, so I'll post another photo soon.

My Fingerless Gloves

I designed these fingerless gloves with the hopes they would work while playing my harp. But, alas! they brush the strings so can't wear them while playing. After knitting the palm, I just finished with 4 rows of knit 2 purl 2 to make a ribbed edge. Will post the pattern soon. Also comes in a child's size. I made some for cousins and friends.

Meditation Original Music

On Tuesday I got one of my Creative Highs. I was playing my harp and remembered I wanted to play some "spa" music, "zen"music. In a flash, I thought of 4 tunes. I played them, just playing whatever I "felt" at the time. I let the music flow from my feelings. I composed 4 tunes and then recorded them so I wouldn't forget them. I put together a CD of 7 tunes: 4 original tunes and 3 traditional tunes. I'll go into a studio in a few weeks and record them as polished tracks. I'll market and sell the CDs to spas and Natural Healing centers. You Tube video coming soon!

Titles: 1. Light 2. Rainforest 3. Circles 4. Moonstone 5. Sakura/Cherry Blossom 6. She Moved Through the Fair 7. Ode to Joy. © Laura Robinson Hiner, 2010

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