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Rates and Packages

Basic Wedding-Harp or Piano$300

Includes 30-minutes of pre-wedding music as your guests arrive

Processional: Music as the wedding party enters (Parents, Bridesmaids, Groom, Attendants)

Music as Bride enters

Recessional as the wedding party retreats

Wedding and Reception Package:

$400 If playing for the wedding ceremony plus one hour of music at the reception or cocktail hour

$300 if playing for reception only

ADD-ON: ANXIETY-BUSTER FOR BRIDE, GROOM, PARENTS        $100 per person, 1st session/1hour $75- 2nd & 3rd Sessions           (15-minute trial session to see if you feel this technique will help you. If after this trial session, you feel this will not help you, there is no charge)

I now offer a package to include my holistic anxiety buster. Most brides experience a high level of stress as the wedding approaches, dealing with seemingly unending decisions, new in-laws, well-meaning friends and family, expenses, scheduling & so many details which usually fall on the bride's shoulders. My unique holistic approach involves magnetic polarity therapy and forgiveness. It is designed to gently eliminate pre-wedding stress, anxiety & fears, opening up space for freedom to enjoy your important day! Contact me for more info on how I can help you enhance your wedding pleasure.





Event Rates -- Harp or Piano -- vary according to event:
Basic up to 3 hours
Rates increase or double if other musicians are added to program
House Concert, Small Event:
House Concert fee may be divided among guests as Concert Tickets, or you may put out a "Tips" jar.
Program: Two 45-minute sets with 20 minute intermission

Contact me for details to set up
Luncheon: Indoor or Outdoor
Business/Corporate event, Banquet
Health Care/Healing Harp Music                                                          Nursing Home, Assisted-Living
Winery/Wine Tasting
Background music
All Day Affair
Baby Shower

Duet or Trio
       Two Celtic Harpists

       Harp and Flute Combo - Celtic & Pop

       Piano and Flute Combo - Jazz/Swing

Two Celtic Harpists plus Hammer Dulcimer


Celtic Harp for Weddings and Receptions
Harp or Piano
for Receptions and Other Events
Harp or Piano for Wedding Reception
See Repertoire page for sample of tunes

Basic Reception Package - includes music while guests arrive at reception location and dinner music. Or dinner music, 2 hours of harp music

Full Reception Package includes 3 hours of music, from welcoming guests, through dinner to after dinner music.
Some couples choose the Basic Reception Package and opt to have a DJ and recorded dance music after dinner.

Celtic or Renaissance Wedding
Includes Celtic/Irish/Scottish music or Renaissance, Early Music of the Renaissance Period. 20 minute Prelude, Processional, Recessional, Postlude, one hour, consultation at either my home, email or phone to discuss tunes and details.

Harp Solo
Indoor or Outdoor
Rehearsal Fee(highly recommended)
or, Two Harps, Duet with optional Dulcimer:
Indoor or Outdoor
Consultation at my home - up to 1 hour ........No Charge
Weddings and receptions involve more preparation than other general events, such as, learning new tunes, selecting the couple's favorite tunes, coordinating structure, rehearsal time.
When playing for more than 1 hour, I will take a 10-15 minute break each hour
Required deposit to secure date
Contract provided
All final rates are at the discretion of artist
What you need to provide for me
Outside locations: There must be shade in hot weather. In case of rain, a covered area will need to be available.
Inside Locations: A minimum of 4 square feet of space is necessary for comfortable playing. Adequate lighting should be provided. Electrical outlet if I use amplified equipment. If playing for more than 1 hour, I will take a 10-15 minute break each hour. If there are steps or uneven ground involved, I may need help to carry my harp, etc. to the performance area.
I will provide a written contract for you to read and sign. A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required to secure the date of most events. Non-refundable unless cancellation is considered exceptional by the artist. Certain events require balance of full payment one week before performance. Details in contract.

Consult me for Price List for live professional harp solo and piano performance in the Greater Indianapolis area and Central Indiana.

MUSIC LESSONS: Contact me for Music Lessons: Piano and Harp. Learn to play harp or piano (or both) from 5 to 85! You will have fun with music with my accelerated program. Specializing in Beginning Students of all ages. My background is in classical training since age 7. I received awards and placed First in regional competitions in Classical Piano and Voice. My experience in performing and teaching includes Museums, Indianapolis Artsgarden, Public Art Events, Themed Festivals, Weddings, Banquets in Indiana, Ohio, Arizona and Michigan. Contact me for music lesson details.


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